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Recipient requested cartoon drawing of their cat. Their favorite color is green, hair style is mohawk, and their cat wears a blue collar

Recipient is a big Star Wars fan and favorite color is blue. Drew cartoon style Chewbacca, used Star Wars' style font, and translated birthday message into Wookiee

Recipient was really into horses and the color pink at the time. Drew a hybrid of Frat Crocs and Zebra from Pearls Before Swine. Party hat made of thread

Recipient has had pet rats throughout their life and requested artist choose color profile

Recipient graduated high school and has a pet cat

One of recipient's favorite video game characters is Wario and favorite color is purple. Drew Wario as a birthday balloon (also a reference to balloons in Super Mario Kart). Used Super Mario World font style as reference

Client indicated piano cat drawing was a birthday present. Drew birthday note matching color profile from drawing. Sent as part of purchase