Art Process

Art Mediums: Ink pen, marker, and/or pastel on mixed media paper and recycled bristol. Spray paint, acrylic paint, recyclable items, landfill items, and/or outdoor materials on canvas

Strongest Art Elements: Color, line, value, and texture

Art Style: Cartoon, surreal, abstract, and avant-garde

Custom Works Process: I ask clients provide me the following when requesting custom pieces:

  • art medium

  • style of art

  • theme/topic/subject

  • desired color scheme(s)

  • reference photos as needed

  • anything they would like incorporated into the piece

Clients are sent an invoice with creative notes. Clients then review the final product and choose to proceed with purchase, request modifications or a redraw, or decline services. No payment is taken until art piece is approved by client

Painting/Mixed Media Process: Emotional/mental energy is my primary focus during painting sessions. For mixed media projects, I enter a conceptualization phase and map it out in my head before gathering materials; this process takes days/weeks/months depending on the subject and my goals for the end product