ART MEDIUMS: Ink pen, marker, and/or pastel on mixed media paper and recycled bristol. Acrylic paint, spray paint, recyclable items, landfill items, and/or natural materials on canvas

STRONGEST ART ELEMENTS: Color, line, value, and texture

ART STYLE: Cartoon, surreal, abstract, and avant-garde

DRAWING PROCESS: I swiftly draw outlines and focus on thickening lines and shapes after the coloring process

PAINTING/MIXED MEDIA PROCESS: Emotional/mental energy is my primary focus during painting sessions. I do not use paintbrushes; I use my hands, twigs, rocks, knives, and/or other objects to blend paints or create textural effect. For mixed media projects, I enter a conceptualization phase and map it out in my head before gathering materials; this process takes days/weeks/months depending on the subject and my goals for the end product

MATERIAL COLLECTION: I typically gather recyclable items from my used recyclables, work location, or I retrieve items from recycling areas. I collect landfill items by picking up litter during outdoor activities. I only gather natural materials from landscaped areas